PPS provides you everything needed to run a high income cash based chiropractic wellness practice that stands WAY out from the local competition.


There are 2 types of Chiropractic Business Owners

#1 – Those that own a business dependent upon and subjected to the unstable and stringent regulations of an X factor called Insurance

#2 – Those that take control of their practice and financial future with a business dependent on only one single relationship…

The Doctor and the Patient

One of the immediate concerns I hear from doctors thinking of opening a new cash practice or moving their current office away from insurance and towards a cash-based wellness chiropractic office is…

“What if it doesn’t work?”


What if people don’t want and thus are not willing to pay for what I am selling…


…Regular Chiropractic Care, beyond Pain Relief.

The reality is they do. And even better – there is actually an entire niche of people seeking it in your community right now.


How do I know?

Dr. Stegall

Daron Stegall, DC

Because I did the hard part for you – I went and discovered it for myself!


And actually it was insurance that convinced me to change my entire business model AND made me fall in love with Subluxation Based Chiropractic care… something I had strayed away from.



Several years ago I owned a small chain of insurance based chiropractic offices. They were very successful with a single office grossing more than $150K a month and collectively helping many thousands of people discover life-changing chiropractic care.


Around 2008, two of the major insurance carriers in the state significantly altered their visit allowance and reimbursement policies. The impact for most chiropractors was devastating with many shutting down their practices while others just accepting the severe cuts in income.


I was already sick of dealing with the ups and downs that came along with owning and managing insurance based practices and hated how frustrated and burned out staff was from dealing with attorneys and insurance both.


Even worse was trying to explain to upset patients who didn’t understand why insurance wouldn’t pay for more than 6 visits when their policy clearly states they are entitled to 30 visits a year.

Finally, I had enough and switched to Cash and Have NEVER Looked back

In 2010 I started getting serious about creating a profitable business model that, at the time, would accomplish the goal of creating a cash practice that was less tedious to run and with less surprises than one dependent on insurance payments. In other words cut out the middle man either partially or preferably totally.


But I also wanted to create an office with protocols that helped people in the community really understand and want to get regular chiropractic care even in the absence of pain – or what is commonly called ‘wellness’ chiropractic care.

So, in a nutshell that was my goal…

1. It needed to promote wellness chiropractic

2. It needed to be a simple, low stress, profitable and STABLE business model

The reality is that depending on an outside company – whose purpose it is to make money, not pay it out, as an inherent part of their business model – I found that depending on that or them for making money is just too unpredictable over time and really precludes you from building a stable long term business asset.


Since that time, I have opened 4 successful cash practices. The most recent office is already seeing more than 800 patient visits per month and last month saw a staggering 114 New Patients – and that is after being open just 4 months!


The reality is that there simply IS a market for wellness chiropractic care in every community.


And what I discovered upon opening my first all cash, subluxation based practice was that many of the people that will use your services have already been told by another chiropractor in the past that they NEED preventative and maintenance chiropractic care.


They just couldn’t find a place where they could get it affordably and conveniently… You can become That Place!

Look, People know their insurance sucks.


People are also figuring out that pharmaceutical companies are simply ‘for profit’ businesses that don’t have their best interest at heart.


People are getting wind that the vast majority of medical doctors are simply pawns for pushing pharmaceutical products out into the community.


As people continue to lose faith in the typical Western Medical Model of care and insurance reimbursement continues to decline, a cash based chiropractic office is poised to explode.


But falling reimbursement is not even the worst part!


I have said for many years now that the ‘reimbursement cuts’ is not the scariest part of being in bed with insurance companies. It’s the changes in their policies, regulations, restrictions and post-payment audits that should keep you awake at night.

By limiting your dependence on a third party to get paid for the services you provide, you are in effect cutting out the middle man and taking your success into your own hands.

The thought of moving towards a cash practice may sound scary to you but if you do it the right way, we are confident you will never look back as you experience the low stress and positive healing environment that comes with a well run office.

Study after study now shows that the approval rating of chiropractic care is very high. But that can only continue to climb if more and more people are exposed to ‘regular chiropractic care’ as part of their overall health strategy.


Our Time – Chiropractic’s Time – is Right Now.


The tide is slowly shifting towards people seeking something bigger and better than drugs as a way to maintain their health.


Right now is the time to position your office so that is can meet the demand for people seeking chiropractic care.



With a cash based, wellness chiropractic office, you can truly impact your community with something that many chiropractors are straying away from…

Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care.

You know, the way it was originally developed and designed to be delivered.


And despite what some supplement salesman, physical medicine guru or weight loss program company will tell you…




You don’t need to sell out and start providing services that aren’t chiropractic.


Look, if you feel like helping people with nutritional habits, stretching programs, decompression therapies or anything else under the sun that improves their health is important, then by all means help them out.


But don’t throw Chiropractic Care out the window.

People need more chiropractic adjustments

much more than they need any of that other stuff!

And we will show you how to develop an office that can deliver it and help people ‘get it’ so they are excited to be a consistently paying patient of yours forever.


The benefit for them is experiencing the lifechanging impact that staying subluxation free can really have on their life – Not Pain Free but Subluxation Free – There is a big difference and you must communicate it correctly!


The benefit for you is building a thriving practice that is a positive healing environment for you and the staff while providing an incredible income for your family.


Most chiropractors will never own a practice that will grow into a stable, long-term viable asset they can sell or pass on when they are ready to retire.


We can help you make that a reality with a

  • All Cash
  • Subluxation Based
  • Wellness Chiropractic Office

That can handle as high of volume as you want to push through it.

Chiropractic ‘sells’ itself just fine if you just understand how to position and deliver it

Check out this summary of what you will learn in

How to Build a High-Volume Cash Practice

Module 1 – The Fundamentals


Section 1: Overview – How Make a Small Business Run as Smoothly as a Big Franchise


Creating the Organizational Structure of your Business (Also called The Roadmap for Growth) so it will run based on Sound Business Systems while retaining the Mom and Pop feel

**This is essential for generating a high volume of patients while still ensuring a consistently excellent experience for customers


Section 2: Setting the Stage for Success


Understanding the Customer’s Value Formula (CVF) – If you don’t understand this you are dead in the water


Section 3: The Mindset Shift – A Simple Exercise for Getting YOUR head in a Place for Prosperity


Section 4: Developing Your Business Model


Learn the 4 factors you must Identify and Define to attract Pain and Wellness Care seeking practice members into your office

*These are the game changers that can set you Way Apart from other Chiropractors in Town


Section 5: Setting Services – Which Services work best for Building a Wellness Cash Practice


Primary Services, Add-on Services and the Intangible Value Services (A Key to Patient Retention Missed by 99% of Practice Owners)


Section 6: Price Points and Payment Options


Discover the Pricing and Payment Options that create an “Irresistible Offer” making it a No-Brainer for Patients to Pay, Stay and Bring in the Entire Family for Care — Without Giving it Away for Free!
Pay Per Visit Pricing
Prepay Packages
Case Fees


Cash Practice Tip: Creating an ‘attractive’ fee system is not about the Cost… it’s about the Structure


Section 7: Service Based Systems (SBS) – The Key to a Low-Stress and High-Volume Office


SBS is the #1 Secret for Creating a Business that can serve a ton of people and still provide a Consistently Excellent Experience for the Customer AND the Staff day in and day out!


Section 8: Attracting and Retaining Wellness Patients – The Big Idea


Learn how to find patients already seeking Wellness Care AND how to easily (with no awkward scripts ) move Pain Patients towards Wanting Chiropractic Wellness

The 3 Sided Marketing Plan
9 Point Patient Retention Process
The 5 Retention Mistakes most chiropractors make every day! – These alone are worth the price of admission

Module 2 – Patient Management


Section 9: Understanding How Patients Think


You must first understand what people are thinking and how to work within that mindset before you can shift them from ‘pain based’ to ‘wellness based’ care  –  OR even effectively market to them!


Section 10: Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience


Includes our legendary ABCs of the Consistently Excellent Customer Experience (CECE)

* This will ensure there is a high level of customer service all the time, every visit, without fail – Think Disney Experience for the Patient and Great Positive Energy for the Staff


Section 11: Implementing a Standard Patient Flow (SPF)


Defines the process of a Protocol Driven Foundation on which an efficiently and predictably flowing office is built. Patients love this!


* High-Volume Practice Tip: People are much more likely to use and refer to a business where there is predictability and consistency of products and services.


Section 12: New Patient – Front Office Protocols


Full Scripts and Protocols for the entire New Patient process. You simply print them out and they are ready to use!

* Chances are you and your staff are not interacting with prospective and new patients in a way that builds the value of chiropractic wellness care. We will fix that.


Section 13: Follow Up Visits – Front Office Protocols


Returning Patient Entrance and Exit Systems (Protocols and Scripts)

* There are ‘Practice Killing’ mistakes most offices make with Established Patients – We will ensure you aren’t making them!


Section 14: New Patient Visit (Chiropractor Protocols)


Discover the 15 minute Consult and ROF that the Ultra-Successful, High-Volume doctors use for Committing Patients to Care and Building Retention

* The Best Part is that it’s Not high pressure and Not uncomfortable in the least!
* It’s 20% about ‘what’ you are saying and 80% about ‘how’ you say it


Section 15: Follow Up Visits (Chiropractor Protocols)


This training covers everything you need to know for The 2nd Visit and Beyond

* Reveals all of our most Proven and Effective Chiropractor Protocols for seeing High-Volume including…
The F.A.S.T Protocol – This is what allows you to easily see 100+ Patients a Day while keeping the quality of care high and patient experience excellent


Section 16: Wellness Movement – Moving Patients from Pain to Prevention to Wellness


Learn the Golden Rule for Wellness Chiropractic Care that you and the Staff must Know, Live and be able to Recite at the drop of a hat
What to Say on the First 10 visits that will help move patients from Pain to Wellness
Answers to the 20 Common Questions and Misconceptions that are preventing patients from sticking to wellness care

Module 3 – Office Management


Section 17: General Office Procedures – Operations


We teach you the Operation Procedures required to build a practice that will attract a High Volume of practice members and manage their visits with ease


Section 18: Office Management Systems


From Open to Close we’ve done the hard work for you by laying out a Step by Step Process for Running your office

* Follow our procedures Exactly or Modify them to fit your specific office


Section 19: Daily Audit Log


Discover the Simple, Foolproof protocol for ensuring you don’t have a break down in the efficiency and thoroughness of your systems


Section 20: Tracking Statistics – Separating Luck from Strategy


Learn the specific metrics that you must track to understand if your business is ‘healthy’ or ‘sick’ and how to keep it moving in the right direction


Section 21: Practice Health Audit – The 2 Point Plan


THE Audit that Ensures you stay on the Right Track towards Creating your Dream Wellness Practice

How to Build a High-Volume Cash Practice includes every Administrative and Chiropractic protocol and script needed to run a smooth operating cash practice that can easily serve a hundred or more people a day and generate incredible income

The training is all developed into easy to access and use online learning area. If you have ever purchased one of Dr. Stegall’s training programs in the past, you know they are to the point and spot on in getting you from A to B as quickly as possible.


And we provide you with ‘Editable Forms’, organized, and easy to use including every document your office will need for running a Systems and Statistics driven business.


So again, we did the hard work for you. You simply modify what we provide IF you feel it needs it so that it most accurately fits your business model and philosophy of care.

But it gets even better… We have added some of our most popular add-on trainings for free!

Bonus #1

Managing Upset Patients – Upset Customers to Bad Reviews… What to Do

Nowadays, Bad Reviews are a Practice Killing Machine – Our protocols Significantly Reduce the Chances it will ever happen – But if it does… Our 4 Point System will help you Make it Right.


This training provides the Staff (and Owner)  the step by step Protocols for making Upset Patients Happy again both online and in the office.

Bonus #2

Surveys – How to Gather the Intel that Can Fast Track you Towards Success

Discover what patients really think about your office, and understand about their care, through simple surveys that your patients will actually participate in.


We will tell you what to ask and how to distribute it – It’s much quicker and easier than you think.


Through a well-crafted online survey to your patients, you will quickly learn the aspects of your office that are reducing the Value to your Patients and hindering growth (This training alone sells for $89!).

REALITY CHECK: Most small business owners have no idea what their customers really think about their business.

ANOTHER REALITY CHECK: Most small business owners do not run their business like the ‘living’ entity that it is.

Even though you are a chiropractor, you are still a small business owner. You are NOT exempt from the knowledge and discipline required to be successful just because you have good hands.


While the cash practice model we teach is far easier to operate than an insurance based practice, it is still a business and we will make sure it is run like one driven on statistics and systems as much as it is by compassion.


From the front office to the back office, every aspect of your business must be run off systems for you to develop and maintain a low stress and high profit cash practice that can see a high volume of patients and grow into a long-term, profitable asset.


Our proprietary ‘Systems Based Service ‘ (SBS) approach will ensure you and your staff are operating based on proven protocols and scripting that can be tailored to fit your office.


If you have an existing office, then you no doubt have protocols. Whether they are strong or weak, you will need to modify (often simplify) them to some degree for a high-volume, wellness based, cash practice.

“I went from a high stress insurance based office to a low stress cash practice and can’t even begin to tell you how much it has recharged not only my income but my excitement for providing chiropractic care!” *

– D. Kinnison, TX

We teach you and your staff the processes and scripts that will run your office efficiently and with an exceptionally high level of customer service.

Some of the most successful chiropractors in the world have said for years that a cash practice is the way of the future

We believe the future is now.


The US has less than 5% of the earth’s population and yet consumes 80% of the prescription medications.


The has got to change and will change if we collectively make a difference by getting chiropractic to a ‘critical mass’ level of usage where getting your spine checked is a standard part of maintaining health – just as exercise and brushing your teeth are now.


Sounds deep right? Well to us it is.


Join us on our mission to make chiropractic care as common in healthcare as popping a pill is right now.


You will not only help hundreds and thousands of people in your community radically improve their life but can make a profit that will support your family without having to endure the stress and pressure of dealing with the documentation and billing requirements of insurance.

The Big Question

How to Build a High-Volume Cash Practice is a blueprint that will guide you through the most efficient route to a profitable practice that involves only one relationship… the one between you and the patients (It’s important to understand that this is radically different than a 3-way relationship that includes you, the patient and the X-factor known as insurance).


So the next question you may be thinking is “how much is this gonna set me back?”


Well considering the amount of experience, time and money it took to learn and develop these proven systems and create this program, How to Build a High-Volume Cash Practice would be a steal at the suggested retail price of $2000.


After all, this is your livelihood and future we are talking about here. Even just a few of the Systems we teach could easily generate thousands in income and prevent many, many mistakes you will otherwise make.


However, for this entire well organize, easy to follow training system, we have decided to set the price at $795 for the entire program. That’s a savings of more than 60%.

Simply click the button below and you are moments away from having the knowledge, systems and skills needed to run and manage a Cash-Practice that can change your life and that of so many people in your community.

And you will have access to it all at 60% off the retail price with a No Question Asked 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


The bottom line is we don’t want you owning something that isn’t what you thought it was or that you just don’t believe is a good fit for your office.


The reality is there are 2 types of Chiropractic Offices you can put your Blood, Sweat and Tears into growing…

1. One that is connected to insurance and competes for the same pain-based patients that every other office in town is chasing after.

2. An office that is not dependent on insurance and not in competition with surrounding offices.

The choice is yours but honestly, the writing is pretty much on the wall and has been for a long time.


You can differentiate your office and separate yourself from insurance and the competition right now or wait until it’s too late and try to play catch-up.


If done right, your cash practice will help more people in your community discover their own true potential through regular chiropractic care while providing you and your staff a high-energy, low-stress, healing environment every day.

Only you know if a Cash Practice is right for you Right Now. If you decide it is, we would love to help you build your dream practice. Either way, if you ever have any questions for us or would like to discuss if our services are a good fit for you, we are here to help.


To Your Success!


Daron Stegall, DC

Training Program Disclaimer: This is a limited time special program release offer. The $795 price is for a limited number of purchasers and may be changed at any time.
* All Practices are Different based on many factors. Your results may vary but we will always give 100% effort to help you develop your perfect Cash Based Wellness Practice.