Coaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons


It’s no secret
that the most successful people
in the world use a coach

From athletes to business professionals, a coach is often the difference between mediocrity and ultra-success.

If you really want to make a change in your practice that can change your life, then having a seasoned mentor in your corner can make all the difference.


When we help a chiropractor reach his or her practice potential what we are essentially doing is helping them navigate the maze towards maximum growth…

Not only in the Practice Growth but in Building a True Business Asset

Whether the idea of opening a new cash based practice seems a little too daunting to take on yourself or you would like some ongoing support and extra guidance to fast-track you towards success we’ve got your back.


Our Cash Practice Coaching service is affordable, all-access and all with Dr. Daron Stegall, Dr. Troy Counselman and their long-time trusted team, all of whom own successful cash and membership based practices (seeing thousands of patient visits per month) and have trained doctors and staff to do exactly what they will show you to do.

Areas of Building a
Successful Cash Wellness Care Practice
that we can help you with include…

Opening a New Cash Practice

From Setup, Services and Pricing through Grand Opening marketing and beyond we are the experts at starting your new Cash Based Chiropractic Wellness Office.

Converting to a Membership Practice Model

Adding memberships as another option for payment of services rendered gives your customers an entirely new and more affordable way to access regular care. It also helps you generate more predicable income while setting your practice apart from the competition which is important when marketing your office.

Increasing Patient Volume

A business is either growing or dying… it is never really standing still. However, it can sure feel that way! If you feel like your practice needs More New Patients and Improved Retention of Existing Practice Members then we can help.

Revamp your Current Cash Practice

Whichever area of your practice needs the most improvement… we will focus in and get it headed in the right direction.

Sanctuary Practice Solutions

If your practice has become anything less than a Healthy, Happy, Healing Sanctuary for you, your staff and customers then something has gone wrong along the way. Let us help you get your practice back to a place that gets you excited on the Monday morning drive in.

Accountability and Guidance

Are there changes you know need to be made but the idea of taking the steps is paralyzing? We will team up, strategize and execute the plan together. We will be there for you every step of the way holding you accountable to make sure you stay on track.

Transitioning from Insurance to Cash

Whether you want to transition to all cash as pay per visit or add in prepayment options or even memberships, you will need to formulate a plan of action as you shift your business model.

Hiring and Training Staff

The reality is that people you put in your organization and how you Train them can make or break the success of your business. Our procedures help you hire the right candidates and our training helps you get them dialed in towards success.

Adding Massage Therapy

More than 1,200 doctors have used our training to help them incorporate massage therapy into their practice. From full length to short ‘express’ massage services we can help you determine which is right for your office and assist you in finding, hiring and training your therapist to perform at a high level.

Adding Associates

Dr. Troy Counselman is considered by most of his peers to be The King of creatively and safely hiring, training and managing associate DCs. After 15 years of helping doctors do that exact thing he should be! When you are ready to add doctors, we are ready to help.

Over the past 15 years we have trained literally thousands of doctors and now we are focusing those efforts to help you build the Cash Practice of your Dreams.


Our Cash Practice Coaching program is simple… You have unlimited access to Dr. Stegall and his team for guidance. It is a 3 Month Minimum commitment at $799/ mo. That’s a savings of more than $400 OFF our regular $1,200 per month coaching fee.

With this coaching program you will be getting unlimited access to Dr. Stegall and his team!

Why are we Extending this Discount?

Once you understand how to run a cash based chiropractic wellness care office using our methods, you will typically not need as much help as a doctor running a complex insurance based practice might need over time.


We make sure you understand it and get it going in the right direction and then after the 3 months you decide if you still need our assistance. And while we believe you will see the continued value in using our services long-term, that’s for you to decide.

Why a 3 Month Minimum?

If you are going to commit to paying us we want you to give it enough time to get you moving in the right direction! Whether you are transitioning away from insurance, trying to open a new cash practice or breathe life into your existing office, to do it the right way it won’t happen overnight.


There are steps you must take and we will make sure you are taking the right ones at the right time.


If after that time you feel it’s not for you let us know and we stop the auto-debit and you are back on your own to implement and continue with the positive momentum we have helped you gain.


*If you ever want to start it again in the future we just ask you commit for 3 months minimum. Not only does this help us keep our rates low because we don’t have people going on and off the Coaching Plans all the time but also ensures you give us and you enough time to work together to see a difference.

What If It’s Not a Good Fit for Me?

If you sign up for coaching with Dr. Stegall and decide it’s not a good fit for you, simply let us know and we refund your money.


No questions asked.


Despite the squabbling and short-sighted ignorance of chiropractors in our otherwise incredible profession, the reality is that we are all colleagues trying to accomplish the same goal of getting more people under chiropractic care and making a great income to support our families.


As brothers and sisters in chiropractic, it’s important to us that you aren’t stuck with something that isn’t a good fit for you and your office.

What Now?

Well, it’s decision time. Are you ready to take your practice to the next step and distance yourself from all the noise with a practice that will…


  • Build a Big Base of Chiropractic Wellness Practice Members
  • Separate you from every other Office in Town
  • Generate a High Volume of New Patients
  • Turn your office into an Asset that you can Retire on Someday
  • Provide you and Your Staff a Healthy, Fun, Low Stress Sanctuary to Practice in each day


Only you know if you are ready to take the next step but when you are, we will be ready to help you shape your future with a Cash Based Chiropractic Wellness Care Office.


Daron Stegall, DC


*Coaching Disclaimer: Cash Practice Coaching through Dr. Stegall and Pivotal Practice Solutions is limited to 20 doctors at any given time. The Coaching Purchase link at our Online Store will be inactivated once the coaching client limit is hit. We re-open the ‘Cart’ link as Coaching slots become available. We no longer use a waiting list so please check back. Coaching includes unlimited email access and scheduled phone calls. You must commit to a minimum of 1 hour total of video or phone conferencing per week for 12 weeks minimum. On-site visit training to your office and training in one of our cash offices is available for an additional fee. All practices are different based on many factors. Your results may vary but we will always give 100% effort to help you develop your perfect Cash Based Wellness Practice.