Want to learn more about Running a Wellness Cash Practice? This booklet is a great place to start:  Essential Considerations and Concepts You Must Understand to Operate a Successful Cash Chiropractic Office

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Join the Chiropractic Wellness Revolution: We show you step by step how to grow a cash practice that consistently attracts and retains long-term wellness patients and truly makes a difference in the community.

This is a Pivotal Time… This is YOUR time

“Before Dr. Stegall, I had a pain based practice and I honestly had no idea how to run a good chiropractic business. Now, after only 5 months I am running a successful cash-based wellness practice which continues to grow and grow. Dr. Stegall has helped me double my profits each month and has made being a chiropractor fun again! Not to mention no insurance and the stress that adds. Thank you so much, Dr. Stegall, your knowledge and expertise has been unbelievable!” *

– Dr. Vilello

Our Clients
If you have an existing cash practice that needs help, want to transition towards an all cash chiropractic wellness practice or even start a new one from the ground up... then you are a great fit for our services.
Our Vision
Simply put... Our higher purpose is to help you shape your ideal Chiropractic Wellness practice that allows you to deliver chiropractic care exactly how you want and take control of your own financial destiny.
Why Cash & Why Wellness
A cash practice eliminates the X factor... the insurance 'middle man'... allowing you to build a more stable practice. A wellness practice is one where patients 'get it' and use your services for life. It's a Win-Win.

Done the Right Way… The benefits of growing an all cash Chiropractic Wellness Care Practice include


Moves you away from a pain based office and sets you apart from every other chiropractor in town while giving your patients access to regular, affordable care for the entire family – for life


You eliminate insurance games, chasing money and complex records requirements while patients enjoy simple payment options without care sabotaging visit restrictions, copayments and denials


A systems driven business model that flows smoothly and turns a profit month after month without using high pressure sales that is uncomfortable for doctors and patients — a well structured cash practice sells itself!

Most people continue to hold onto the same old familiar business model and protocols because they feel safe. They know it’s not working or even that it’s a dead-end road but will still take short term comfort over long term growth and stability simply because the idea of ‘change’ seems too daunting.

Our training teaches you step by step how to make the changes necessary to move towards success. Simply put… we take the guess work out of building a cash chiropractic wellness office.

Let’s start building your low stress, high income, non-insurance dependent, higher purpose serving practice

*Disclaimer: All Practices are Different based on many factors. Your results may vary but we will always give 100% effort to help you develop your perfect Cash and Membership based practice.